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Who is Vermont Hydroponic

Vermont Hydroponic Produce, LLC is a grower/shipper of hydroponic fruits and vegetables. We currently grow the Torero variety of beefsteak tomatoes and the Favorita variety of cherry tomatoes. Both of these varieties are non-GMO and are both relatively new hybrid seeds. For the fall 2015 season we will be growing an extremely sweet strawberry starting in late September.

We are part of the network of growers - a regional grower/buyer platform that utilizes our chain store partners and institutional partners existing logistics to get regional growers' produce into the region.

Why Hydroponic?

Hydroponic growing affords many benefits including denser food production per acre and utilizing fresh water in the most efficient way currently for commercial growing. We begin shipping tomatoes in late March and continue into December as we grow in controlled environment greenhouses. Our biggest concern growing in the northeast is, of course, heat. Our proposed 10 acre combined heat and power project with Beaverwood Energy in Fair Haven, Vermont would effectively eliminate this as a hurdle to growing 12 months a year here in Vermont.

Call or e-mail your representative and let them know you want baseload power and year round food production for Vermont and our region.