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Perfect tomatoes

Hydroponic tomatoes are greenhouse-grown in nutrient-enriched water without soil.

We use 100% renewable cocoa coir for our growing medium (instead of depleting the world's rare peat bogs) and feed our growing plants an ideal mix of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Watering and feeding are computer controlled to create optimum growing conditions. And the result is beautiful, healthy, great-tasting produce, grown sustainably.

Because they're greenhouse grown in water, our tomatoes are never exposed to pesticides, air pollution, animals, or bacteria that can live in soil. And they're available year-round.

We source tomatoes year-round from our own greenhouse in Florence, Vermont and our partner greenhouses in Quebec, Canada.

At Vermont Hydroponics, we're committed to healthful food and we're always looking for better and more eco-friendly ways to grow.