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At Vermont Hydroponic Produce we strongly believe that anthropogenic climate change is a very real problem affecting our growing regions negatively. We also believe that “Peak Resources” are here and that the two major ones, fresh water and oil, are in deep crisis.

“Water scarcity a bigger priority than climate change” – Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman Nestle SA.

“The world has never faced a problem like Peak Oil. Without massive mitigation more than a decade before the fact, the problem will be pervasive and will not be temporary. Previous energy transitions (wood to coal and coal to oil) were gradual and evolutionary; Oil peaking will be abrupt and revolutionary.”- Robert L. Hirsch (From his U.S. Department of Energy commissioned report), LLC

Bearing these three world changing problems in mind we are actively promoting a regional growers network called Bringing some of the region’s best GAP certified and Organic growers together with large chain supermarket, foodservice and school system buyers. These buyers utilize their existing logistics network to pick up large orders from multiple growers at one hub location, on one invoice and bring it to their distribution center for expediting out to the network of stores, restaurants and schools. Growers can expect larger more profitable orders from this arrangement as well as ease of distribution, eliminating a major cost from the grower’s plate. Retailers, foodservice providers and schools can access fresh regional produce on a large scale at a lower price point. is a web based, local produce sourcing site that connects small regional growers to larger chain-store buyers. With our hub system, growers can drop off large orders at a hub location to be picked up by the supermarket's backhaul logistics.

If you are an interested grower or a chain-store or institutional buyer, please contact Jeff Jones or call (802)282-2183

Beaverwood Energy

The Fair Haven Energy Project will integrate the operations of a renewable biomass electricity plant, also a wood pellet production operation and a year-round greenhouse operation. The design will feature state-of-the-art technology that minimizes emissions, maximizes efficiency, and gives Vermont a new model for a combined energy, heat and food facility.

Rutland County will become home to a renewable energy-powered, year-round local food growing and wholesale ‘Grower’s Hub’ under an agreement announced today by Beaverwood Energy and Vermont Hydroponic Produce LLC. The plan promises to add 300 new jobs to the area — 25 jobs at the biomass power plant, 25 jobs at the pellet manufacturing facility,100 jobs at the greenhouses and Grower’s Hub and another 150 jobs in the forest industry.

Under the plan, Vermont Hydroponic Produce LLC, headquartered in Florence, VT, will build a 10-acre greenhouse complex adjacent to the proposed Fair Haven Biomass Energy Center. Using low-grade steam, waste heat and waste water from the biomass power plant, Vermont Hydroponic Produce LLC plans to grow tomatoes and other vegetables year-round.

CustomGro by UVP

CustomGro is an industry first grow program designed to help restaurants, retailers and schools grow produce for their customers and students right on site. Utilizing hydroponic and aeroponic technology we can design systems to meet any size business or school’s needs. Our staff of highly trained professionals will help guide you through the process of becoming a greener school or business!

We have helped large retailers with grow stations right in the produce department, restaurants with culinary herb stations and even brewery’s with Hops Lab concepts! We have a full suite of options for our customers, from the smallest Mom & Pop deli to the largest retail grocery store or University, we can help you grow it on site.

We are partnered with GreenTech Agro, pioneers in on-site growing solutions. The Growtainer® along with their GrowRack® are industry leading solutions for portable, efficient produce growing systems.

Schools, restaurants, businesses of all types can utilize this cost effective way to produce food on site. A great learning tool for students, we have multiple options for schools and universities to get involved with the most efficient growing technique currently available.